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The four-letter type and temperament traits are measured by the Myers Briggs Personality Assessment. The assessment is a list of questions that is rated to determine your personality traits. This paper will discuss the validity of my four-letter type and temperament traits according to the Myers Briggs Personality Assessment. I will discuss each letter of my personality type and how they work together. There are different weaknesses that exist with each personality trait. We can use our personality traits to improve our overall performance on a day to day basis, as well as within our work life. The terminology used to describe each type and temperament is very broad and vague, resulting in a greater chance for people to conform and believe …show more content…

Our personality traits are unique indicators to determine how people perceive the world and make decisions. The test consist of a series of questions that measures an individual’s temperament and personality traits. After taking the test, my four letter type is ESTJ and my two letter temperament is SJ. According to Jung’s and Briggs Myers theories of personality types, ESTJ stands for Extravert, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging; meaning extraverted thinking with introverted sensing. David Keirsey associated the different temperament types with the different personality types. ESTJ falls under the SJ group, “The Guardians”. The Guardians main objective is known as seeking security. Although, I don’t think the test is a good measurement of one’s personality traits, because there are many factors that could influence an individual response to the test. It is possible that people conform their thoughts to make themselves feel …show more content…

Thinking is when we make careful decisions with an analysis and thought about processes. With thinking we may weight our pros and cons and make a justified decision. Feeling is when we react off our emotions. We have a battle in our mind when our feelings and thoughts don’t coincide with each other. A weakness with the personality trait of thinking is that our thinking can be altered by outside factors. We may have things that happens that affects our judgement. We have to question if we are thinking and conforming to facts or just opinions. At work I tend to think processes through so I can teach or coach someone else to develop. Before I make a speech, I tend to think it through clearly. Before recommending someone for a position, I think about the interview, and how the person is a good fit for the company or

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