Online communites

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Online communites

The advance in technology during the past decade has made it possible for people all over the world to communicate with one another. Online communities consist of groups of people communicating to one another through the use of a computer. A number of online communities exist, anywhere from Jewish teen groups to Ultima Online, a communication game in where thousands of people may play at any given time. Groups ranging in size from a few people to thousands or even millions of people are forming communities in cyberspace. Online communities are a great way for people to communicate to one another. People have the potential to learn leadership, communication patterns, group boundaries, cohesion, alliances and subgroupings. Online groups are quite different than in-person groups. The fact that communication is through the use of text only, hiding or altering ones identity, and equalization of status are all unique benefits to joining an online community. Children with learning or developmental disabilities are areas of extraordinary interest. I

currently teach a first through third grade class for the learning disabled at a local elementary school. Recently, a six year-old boy who has Autism has been enrolled in my class. His mother has been struggling, and has had much difficulty in raising him on her own as a single mother. Because Julian has recently been diagnosed, his mother is confused, and needs much support from her sons school and the surrounding community in which she lives. The tears of sadness in which poured from Juians mothers eyes, is what led me to want to dedicate my time as a teacher, joining support groups and chatrooms, to gather all of the resources I can to help Julian and his mother. My search will include participating in conversations with parents who have children with disabilities and other people in the community who might be able to provide some information and advice as well as various resources to, hopefully create a positive change in Julians life.

Autism is a disorder in which I do not have an abundance of experience with. My knowledge of autism is unique to each child, and that brain scans will show up abnormal, where the chemicals in their brains will appear to be different than that of a healthy child. I am also aware that children with Autism have many behaviors that may be exhibited, such as repetitive behaviors where a child may repeatedly touch his or her head or different parts of the body.

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