Essay On Cyber Crime

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Drawbacks The drawbacks are that there is a big risk of cyber crime. Cyber crime refers to crime that’s involves computing and the internet. Hackers could divert financial assets, this is when someone intercepts a money transaction and diverts the funds into another account. This is a risk when buying online. Another drawback is customers don’t fully know what they are getting. Its hard for a customer to judge size for example because one sites size may be different to the one that you are used to. In a physical store you can try the item on to ensure that it fully fits you but when buying online you cannot. Relying on delivery times can be an issue when buying online. When you order a product you may have to pay for delivery and may have to wait several days for it to arrive in the mail when compared to a physical shop you don’t have to pay for delivery and wait for arrival. Impact on employment Traditional high street stores may close as a result of becoming an e-commerce only business which means people then people unemployed. E-commerce business also tend to favour those with IT skills leaving those unemployed with a harder time finding work. The benefit however is that those who work in IT have higher chances of employment and those who work in warehouses, order and payment processing with also have better time finding work as e-commerce mainly need these to operate the e-commerce business. Social divide Those who are elderly, sick or poor may not have the skills to use e-commerce or the money putting at a divide with those who can. E-commerce could cause a soci... ... middle of paper ... ... E-commerce sites also provide 24/7 service. This means buying online is effortless as it is accessible at anytime. This is also easier for the customer as they may find it much more easier to browse/buy online than in a physical store. Economic & social impact due to speed of changes The economic impact due to the speed of changes is that e-commerce sites have had to adapt. In order to appeal to more customers they have had to invest heavily in buy new technology. This may be buying servers and computer software. Organisations have also had to employ more people with relative IT skills such as web designing to construct there website which may come at a premium. The economic benefits are that prices online can easily change with customers benefiting from the competition between competing e-commerce sites.

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