Characteristics And Trends In The Food And Beverage Industry

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Trends and Conditions Paper Introduction When starting a small business, in the food and beverage industry, there are always several trends and conditions that will affect your business, including consumer choice. Consumers want to be able to chose their personal preferences, which have been focused on natural culinary ingredients, that are sourced locally, and that possess natural and sustainable factors; becoming a healthier lifestyle, for most. Kudler Fine Foods provides consumers with specialty food, beverages, cuisines, and culinary themes that will have an influence on the trends for 2015, (Food Trends, 2015). Opportunity With technology becoming a part of our everyday lives, consumers are now starting a new trend that is taking over the industry, online shopping. With this trend, comes opportunity to create a consumer base that revolves around the home shopper. We live in a time where we want instant gratification, consumers do not want to wait for their products; they want to purchase an item; and they want it now. Online …show more content…

retail food industry is about a $1.57 trillion industry, (Major Trends and Technologies Affecting the Food & Beverage Industry, 2011). The food industry is extremely competitive, and is a very demanding business. Profit margins are usually low, so it is often difficult to maintain profits. With that, also comes the loyalty and value of your consumers to continue purchasing materials from any business. Kudler Fine Foods could be impacted by this condition, if market trends for this industry should happen to change. This issue would go hand-in-hand with supply and demand, because when companies experience recession, businesses suffer due to the change in consumer buying. The cause is due to an overbearing increase in prices along with a decrease in demand for certain non-essential items. Many consumers are shopping for deals, and if there is an increase in the food prices it will definitely affect Kudler’s

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