Online And Traditional Education: Online Vs. Online Education

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Education in modern society can be taught in a completely different method than in the past. College students, or even high school students, are given the choice of being enrolled in an online course for certain subjects rather than a traditional class. Many students contemplate over the decision to enroll in an online course because of the differences compared to in-class instruction. When making the decision of which style of learning to enroll in, students need to take in consideration the necessary requirements, amount of access, and the methods of teaching for either an online or traditional style course. Online and traditional classes consist of different requirements for students to be mindful of while making the choice to enroll. At the beginning of the course, both classes provide students with a syllabus stating the expectations and the required procedures to follow in order to succeed. Similarly, both online and traditional courses offer an educational program in regards to earning a degree. No matter what degree the student wishes to pursue, more than likely an online alternative…show more content…
While being educated through online courses, the instruction is virtual. This involves pre-recorded powerpoints and instructed videos based upon the chapter learning. Online courses require students to post answers onto the discussion posts online where other students have access to comment and discuss your work submitted. Through virtual learning, the chance of a student cheating is more likely than the of a traditional course. By contrast, a traditional course involves in-person discussion rather than virtual. Traditional courses involve notes given by the instructor in class where they can discuss the lesson face-to-face. If a student is a visual learner, where they require visually seeing and listening to the instructor teach, then a traditional course would be the better option than
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