Difference Between Online And Learning Online

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One of the most significant differences between learning in a traditional classroom and learning in an online setting would be the discipline that you have to have in an online setting .In a traditional classroom setting, you are in a classroom with a teacher, and other students, and are guided through the course by that teacher.When learning online, at home, you must manage your time to be distraction free, and maintain your progress on your own. Another difference in online lerning, is flexibility(Rammussen.edu). For those that have a commitment to work and family, online classes offer a flexible schedule that can be fitted to ones personal schedule.A great benefit for the traditional classroom setting, is social interaction.. A traditional…show more content…
I do feel, in some instances, multi tasking can be good.If you are on a conference call, you can do some paperwork while you listen.I sometimes do my schedule when I am on a call, since we only listen, not participte.Little things like that are good when one is multitasking.It is when too much is expcted, that multi tasking can create a mess of things, or someone can burn out from
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