One-To-One Marketing Case Study

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Consumers purchase goods to serve their needs and wants. Firms develop offerings to meet customers’ needs and wants. Firms have the choice whether to market to targeted groups of people or all consumers. The targeted, “rifle approach,” has several advantages over the mass marketing, “shotgun approach.” A few of these advantages are that the targeted approach allows firms to focus on most profitable customers, identify early adopters of a product, avoid head-on competition with other firms, and develop new offerings (Tanner & Raymond, 2012). According to Tanner and Raymond (2012) the trend in today’s marketing efforts is towards precise, targeted marketing. Don Peppers and Martha Rogers developed and promoted in their 1994 book The One…show more content…
Interact with and target best customers
5. Customize products and marketing messages to meet their needs Before implementing One-to-One marketing (OTO) it is important that firms know how to measure the success of their efforts. They will need to establish one or several metrics for evaluating the short term success of the OTO marketing plan. These may include measuring customer satisfaction, number of products sold to customers, or other measures (Tanner & Raymond, 2012). This is done before engaging in OTO marketing to determine if the plan is on track or if any changes or additions may be necessary once it’s implemented. A successful OTO marketing plan first seeks to identify as much information as possible about its customers. This may include age, gender, specific buying needs, or pertinent habits. Bookbub successfully functions by finding specific information about customers. Bookbub is a free digital book broker that will recommend books “at deep discounts.” There service functions by first identifying the genres that interest you and then the company you purchase electronic books through; Amazon, Apple, Nook, etc. An email is delivered everyday with three choices. If the customer is interested they can click on the provided
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At this stage the best customers are identified (Tanner & Raymond, 2012). The customer’s value to the company and their individual needs are now considered. In order to use Amazon’s services you need to provide the company with some personal information. As a customer you have the option of paying an annual fee to become a “Prime” member. Once a customer makes the choice to join they become one of Amazon’s “best” customers. It is at this point you not only have free shipping on most physical orders but access to Amazon’s digital library of music and videos. This leads directly into the next stage of OTO marketing, which involves establishing effective customer interaction procedures. The way a customer interacts with Amazon is dependent upon what they are looking for. What has made Amazon so successful is that every one of Amazon’s customers is interacted with and catered to as an individual. The individual’s needs and wants seem to be the only ones that matter as Amazon’s vast inventory of physical and digital goods are