Ocean Pollution And Ocean Pollution

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Pollution is a serious issue that should be taken into consideration. Many people think that pollution doesn’t hurt them so they throw garbage on the ground, indeed they are destroying our Earth and also harming themselves. Pollution refers to the introduction of harmful substance and product in the environment. Nowadays, our planet is suffering from many types of pollution, for instance, the main types are water, air, and soil pollution. Moreover there are various sources that cause pollution. Ocean pollution is the unseen tragic that leads to thousands of marine species death, which increased because of the massive amount of oil spills, chemicals, industrial waste, and sewage. In consequently ocean pollution affects human beings' health and…show more content…
Ocean pollution threatens the entire existence of the various marine animals because it causes bioaccumulation of toxins in case the marine animals consume toxic materials, for instance, mercury, lead, and silver are some of the heavy metals that are mostly animal’s skin absorbs and accumulates the chemicals in their living tissues, the toxic substance does not decompose easily and it may raise gradually by time till the animal dies. In addition, if another organism feed on an animal that is affected by bioaccumulation it will end up with many species dead [4]. As a matter of fact, some chemical liquids have a high temperatureand when they discharge into the ocean, this leads to increase in ocean temperature-thermal pollution. As a result, many species can’t adapt to a high temperature degree [5]. Additionally, ocean pollution significantly ruins the marine ecosystem because the death of even the tiniest organism as plankton causes a huge defect in the sequence of the animal food chain which means the smallest organism being consumed by a larger one when small fish species die huge fish or mammals such as whales seek to find other sources to consume, mostly they struggle till they die even polar bears may migrate [6]. Overall the deaths of those animals lead to many fish species extinction and loss of diversity. Furthermore, the world faces a serious problem that human health is endangered because of ocean pollution which has a toxic influence on the food we eat due to chemicals that enter in marine animals’ structure. In the United States more than one-third of the shellfish are negatively affected by coastal pollution [7]. Consequently, ocean pollution causes many diseases, such as typhoid, jaundice, dysentery, diarrhea, tuberculosis, and hepatitis. The world’s worst arsenic poisoning cases happened in India and Bangladesh leading to terrible damage for more than 3

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