Occupational Health Nursing

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Health is influenced by every aspect of one’s life. For many people their work plays a large role in their life and consequently in their health. The contribution of the occupational health nurse (OHN) is that she affects people in and through their place of work. She is not limited to their health only in terms of how their work affects it, but she also affects all aspects of their health. Employers are realizing that the impact of employees’ poor health on their businesses is negatively affecting productivity and increasing costs (Redmond & Kalina, 2009). Thus, it is important that nurses are present even in the workplace to promote healthy behaviors and environments, maintain health status, and restore diminished health.

An accurate assessment is extremely valuable to the occupational health nurse. It ensures that her intervention, whether for health promotion, maintenance, or restoration is useful and received well by the employees. This assessment data may also need to be communicated to the managing body to demonstrate the value of the nurse’s role and the intervention (Lukes, 2010).

The occupational health nurse utilizes health promotion, which seeks to improve one's health and prevent illness and injury before it becomes an issue. For example, after assessing a factory, an OHN may find a lack of appropriate personal protective equipment provided for work with toxic materials or a lack of use from employees (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008). From this assessment, she can advocate for better supplies or educate the employees on the importance of using them. In all work environments, the OHN may find through a survey of the workers that many of them are obese and not aware of the risks of being overweight. She co...

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... should not leave the valued skills they have learned about the nursing process at the doors of their nursing school following graduation. Instead, they should continue to use the nursing process throughout their career regardless of the population they are working with.

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