Obesity In America Research Paper

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What is Being Done About Obesity in America?
Sayaan Saiyed
Edina High School

How Obesity in America

I choose to do my research paper on Obesity in America because it is something that need to be solved. Obesity can be caused by many different things such as genetics, various combinations of hormonal, metabolic, and behavior also appears to plays a role. In the last 40 years the epidemic has prevalence in the U.S has gone up by over 50%. So every two of three adults are now obese which is not good because now it is going to spread to the children. My personal connection to this topic is that a lot of my extended family has type 2 diabetes and I want to help my immediate family so we don't get diabetes. So what is America doing …show more content…

Food companies are targeting children to buy their product. According to the American Psychological Association obesity in children increases the more hours they watch television. Childrens exposure to ads about unhealthy food plays a big part in child obesity. In 2010 Hersheys roughly spent $441 million on promoting their products. (mostly on T.V)

Compared to the 1970s the advertising on television has increased vastly. Advertisers spent more than 12 billion per year to get kids to watch their commercials. On average a kid watches more than 40,000 commercials per year.

Harvard obesity prevention source did recent studies and the results were incredible. With the new information acquired from the research Harvard was able to make a list for parents to help prevent their children from becoming obese. If you are a parent and you want to protect your loved one you should limit the amount of T.V, Internet, and game consoles use for your child. Also encourage you kids to go play outside or do any physical activities, Encourage healthy eating habits, and Improving sleep and stress levels are important steps for obesity prevention. …show more content…

(Minnesota Department of Health) Obesity in Minnesota is a major health issue for both individuals and the community. Obesity leads healthcare costs to skyrocket and decreased productivity. In 2004 the financial burden of obesity was $1.3 billion that number increased by over 100% in just 3 years, In 2006 the financial burden of obesity was $2.8 billion

Minnesota has programs in place to reduce obesity. Minnesota Department of Health has created a program called Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP). The program make it easier for kids to walk to school nearby. SHIP want kids to be active and what better way to be active than walking to school everyday for 9 months. The Kingfield neighborhood of Minneapoli has gone through with this plan and they can see the results. The principle of the school in Kingfield said “Kids have created posters and signs in art classes talking about the health and environmental benefits of walking, and they’ve even carried them along their routes.” This just goes to show you how big of a difference walking to school can

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