Obesity In America

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The economy, finding funding for military operations overseas, and seeing if a baseball player took illegal steroids to a baseball, two of these are the challenges that our should Congress face day in and day out, but they want professional sports. However do we want our nation’s political leaders wasting valuable resources to see if professional sports are drug free? Today’s families are always on the move, either from parents working full time jobs or their children being involved in sports or something else dealing with school. So stopping on the way home to get a quick bite to eat is something that just comes easily. However if you did not have fast food restaurants to stop at then supper must be prepared at home with the family. …show more content…

Some benefits of cooking at home are you can control what ingredients you use when cooking, and portion control. An up to date study on obesity shows nearly 15 percent of U.S children and roughly one-third adults are obese (Holguin, 1). Families that eat fast foods these same foods are high in fats, sugars, carbohydrates and these eating habits will eventually lead to obesity. Everyone has to be responsible for their own actions, but when it comes to children they will eat whatever the parents’ puts in front of them. It is up to parents to lay the foundation of healthy eating habits at an early age. If fast food restaurants did not exist then obesity should be less of a threat to our health. Obesity is harmful to our health as we just addressed, but it can be huge burden on our pocket book when it comes time to look for insurance …show more content…

These health problems are linked to higher health costs and higher insurance premiums. Getting health insurance when you are overweight can be a difficult task. Because insurance companies become conscious that overweight people live a shorter life time than thinner healthier ones. Due to being obese, people who are looking for health insurance will face higher rates or be turned down all together. Insurance companies are looking to make a profit, and it would not be profitable to insure someone who will need constant health

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