The Career Of Nursing: A Career In Nursing

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Nursing is not just a career it’s a very board profession. In nursing there are many job opportunities. There are different types of nursing jobs that a person can do depending on the specialty that he/she feel comfortable with. Patients come to the hospital for help and they are trusting us to help them feel better and heal them. In healthcare things changes every day so it’s our job to find out what’s different from today and tomorrow to give our patients the best treatment possible. Nursing is more than just passing out medications. We come in the field because we are very compassionate and want to heal the sick. Nursing is more than just the ears and eyes for the physician. While in the care of the nurses they make sure their patients are well taken care of and if something is wrong they know how to fix it without calling a doctor. Nursing is used for better patient care and to heal the patient back to normal. As nurses they make sure the vital signs are in normal range and try to manage the homeostasis of each patient. If something is too low or too high the nurses are train what to do in that certain situation. When nurses heal somebody their making that patient whole again and back to normal. Critical thinking plays a big role in nursing. For example, if a patient has a history of…show more content…
Nurses critically think when they are assessing a patient and have to make a clinical decision of what they assessed. A new nurse will become a better nurse when he or she is working in the field; they will learn different things once they are growing in their career. With nursing sometimes one has to expect the unexpected. However, as a nurse she must be ready for whatever comes her way. It is always ok to ask a mentor nurse for help if one is not sure about something that is how she will become a better nurse. So the real question is what is nursing and what is
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