Nursing Leadership In Nursing

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A leader is someone who influences others and convinces them to move towards a certain goal at a certain time. Some people are naturally leaders born with the characteristic to lead, but others require learning leadership and management skills to succeed. A great leader will need emotional intelligence, right personality and the ability to lead. Almost everyone gets the opportunity to lead or manage at some point in their lives, and here is where skills are tested. Leadership and managerial positions are different although at times many people use them interchangeably. Nonetheless, some individuals are can be good in both roles, and companies need both in order to succeed. The main motive of this paper is to compare and contrast how nursing…show more content…
Leadership is forward reaching, commitment, and innovating in bringing teams together driving to the same shared goals. It is imperative for great leaders to look ahead into the future of nursing and predict the trend of nurse shortages and the negative impact on national health (Keenan, 2006). Thus, finding solution would be the greatest focus and the leaders would play a big part in changes. It is imperative for leaders to encourage current nurses to pursue higher education to so that they may achieve satisfaction, and self-actualization. Leaders should positively encourage more nurse educators so as to recruit more nursing students to educate for future nurses. In order to decrease the nurse turn over leaders could do a confidential survey and seek to find out why nurses turnover jobs so that they may understand things that they need changed, and thus get them fixed. Good leaders also work on investing on the nurses, motivate, inspire, and empower each nurse to acquire self-confidence. Leaders act like role models by coaching, listening, and mentoring nurses to make them better (Ribelin, 2006). On the other hand, managers usually sees each nurse as an expense and focuses on short term problems or just immediate needs. Instead of managers seeking to find out why there is a high turnover, they anticipate to hire when a nurse leaves.…show more content…
A nurse has to be a good leader and a knowledgeable manager. The best leadership skills come about by coordinating and collaborating with others. Some good leaders possess innate qualities which make them more qualified at improving patients’ care, and retaining qualified nurse professional (Cheery, 2013). Not everyone has qualities of a leader, and that is why not all leaders are best leaders. This writer prefers of being more of a leader than being a manager in dealing with nurse shortages. It is important to build and inspire nurses so that they can function independently now and beyond, instead of being a manager just to meet the status quo. In addition, this writer also believes that a combination of skill sets one up to be a great leader. This writer also believes that great leaders continue to grow personally and professionally daily during work and play. This writer believes in transformational leadership where the leader works with staff to come up with the needed change, guiding the change through inspiration, and then implementing the change. This student wants to inspire others by leading by example, make followers, and aim to achieve some important goals to benefit
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