Nursing Case Study

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Relevant Legislation
According to section 149(b) of national law, tribunal has authority to exercise any power under subdivision 6 of National Law if the practitioner admits it in writing to tribunal. Section 149C (1) (a) and (b) of national law empowers tribunal, if it is satisfied a practitioner is not competent to practice the practitioner’s profession, or a nurse is guilty of professional misconduct, to suspend or cancel the registration.
In this case, his honor had explained that the departure from elementary and generally accepted standard that a practitioner could scarcely be heard to say could amount to professional misconduct (HCCC 2013). He added that sometimes more is required to interpret it as professional misconduct like deliberate
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Ms. Kelda failed to recognize the vulnerability of patient A as he was suffering from mental illness and she was involved in sexual misconduct with him. Ninth statement focuses on maintaining and building community trust and confidence in the nursing profession (NMBA 2013). She was found exposing patient’s information to his friend and having contact with client in public places and was also alcohol dependence .Using pseudonym to hide the unethical relationship is a fraud act and unexpected of a nurse as a professional. These acts break the community trust in the nursing profession. Tenth statement says that nurses practice reflectively and ethically. She had unethical conduct, lacked practice reflectively because she did not seek ethical course independently and did not seem to remorse much on effect of her act on patient A’s…show more content…
This means nurse should actively preserve dignity of people with kindness and understand chances for vulnerability and powerlessness in their care (NMBA 2013). Inherent power imbalance is such that patient or client is always vulnerable and liable to be exploited by health care provider. Ms. Kelda did not realize the vulnerability of patient A. He was having psychiatric problem; paranoid schizophrenia. Anyone having mental health problem is vulnerable people to exploitation because they are incapable to take sensible decision and can be led to exploitation by others. He had history of inappropriate sexual behaviors. If Ms. Kelda had been aware of this history, it seems absolutely insensible act of her to remain engaged with sexual relationship with him. In her statement also, she had stated that she had been knowingly involved in such act and continued the relationship. She was totally misguided by the thinking that she can help the patient A by her personal
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