Ethical Standards

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Ethical standards are extremely valuable because when no guidelines set in charge there would be all categories of people who can poison the criminal justice system. "If no standards are set the ponds within the system that are upheld to carry out justice", would be able to run ramped and just do whatever, now when we put in charge a checks and balance system every person is held accountable for their own action. If we enforce the ethics, and set standards for all levels then all people would be screened and checked so that some of the loopholes could be found. Now are we going to stop all unethical issues no! Nevertheless, the system would allow use to at least slow it and let it be known that it will not be tolerated.

Ethical standard in our criminal justice are extremely beneficial because our beliefs and values regarding right and wrong, are shaped by code of ethical standards establish by criminal justice agency. Code of ethics also established an organizational objective and rationale for duties and actions regarding both organization mission and the outside world. Ethical standard also set the Value in which organizational purpose is defined like to rudiments of appropriateness, worth or importance. (Pollock, 2010) Ethical standard also specify Values in which alternative or judgment of the agency must consider in which high priority are right on them. Ethical standard are based on entirely Justifications for the law that serves as a tool of behavior change, or social engineering. When Laws are used to control behavior, it must have totem of ethical standard in which sanctions are provided morally. In addition, by teaching people what behaviors are acceptable and what ones are not ethical standard must be used. As Law becomes society value so does ethical standard because every person is a value to society, and society has a right to protect this value, and even against his or her will. (Pollock, 2010)

Concerning terrorism, the issues of ethical standard are extremely valuable because persons do not commit the act of terror in isolation. Terrorism requires context, victim, and ethical standard suggest that we need to understand the conditions and environments that encourage people to become terrorist. (Micheal C. Braswell, 2005)

By setting ethical standard, we not only become aware and responsive to moral and ethical issues. We also begin developing critical thinking and analytical expertise. By developing these skills, we recognize our goal as an organization and we expand our capability and grow personally responsibly.
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