Nursing: A Profession of Art and Science

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Nursing is a dynamic profession built upon a foundation of art and science. It has adapted to rapidly changing technology, rising patient acuity, and weathered the challenge of nursing shortages with an unwavering commitment to professionalism. In this paper I will discuss my beliefs and values, my vision for the future, and my strengths and limitation in pursuing my career goals. I will also reflect upon the influences that contributed to choosing nursing as a profession.

Choice of Nursing

In truth, a wide range of career possibilities did not exist in Southern Indiana where I grew up. You could work at the recently opened Toyota factory, or you could work in a hospital. Neither of those was an option for me because I did not graduate from high school. After becoming a wife and mother at age sixteen, it took two more years to realize there must be something more to life. This was the first step to a career as a Medical Assistant, and the first of many years spent in college.

During the three years as a Medical Assistant, I realized that I was not quite satisfied with my current career. The next logical step was nursing school. For the next two years I worked as a waitress in a night club while attending nursing classes during the day. The three things I learned was perseverance of spirit, supernatural time management skills, and superb interpersonal communication. I dodged drunks and broke up fights, now I dodge bedpans and participate in conflict resolution. Although this was not a typical career path, life experiences contributed to a unique understanding of people and patients.

Why choose nursing? I needed to succeed at something; I needed to prove that I could do something important. I became a nurse for me. Now...

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...ike to travel, immerse myself in a different culture, or just spend some time walking on a beach with my husband. He deserves a long vacation.


I realize there are many obstacles to overcome in order to reach my career goals. However, I feel that I am well prepared with self-discipline and determination. Over the past 15 years, my study habits have become more refined and I no longer procrastinate on assignments. I also process a desire to succeed. These strengths will enable me to achieve my professional goals.

A personal area of weakness for me is writing. It takes me an enormous amount of time to put a paper together. I am sure I will become a more proficient writer as the course progresses. I hope the experiences I will have while obtaining my degree will continue to strengthen my personal skills while challenging me in other areas of weakness.
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