Nursing Trends In Nursing

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Issues and trends in the nursing profession are constantly changing due to discoveries in technology and research, changes in reimbursement and legislation, and the changing needs of our population; in fact the only constant in healthcare is change. This course has provided me with a foundation and better understanding of the need for higher education to empower nurses to become leaders and help shape the future of the nursing profession. Nurses are the “backbone” of healthcare and this is becoming more evident with the changes we are currently seeing in the healthcare industry.
Learning Goals “Communication is defined as the giving or exchanging of information through oral, written or non-verbal means” (Blais & Hayes 2016), and
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. Most of my career has been in community nursing providing care in the patient’s home. This opportunity has allowed me to be a teacher and encourage health promotion. This can be very challenging due to issues with literacy and the patient’s readiness for change. This course has exposed me to the many different learning theories that have been developed and how to effectively assess the in order to develop and implement an effective teaching plan. Teaching strategies and plans must be specific to the learner and barriers need to be identified early so they can be overcome to promote better outcomes Although nurses have always been the “backbone” of healthcare and will remain active in the industry, the role of nursing is changing and expanding. Having been a nurse for the past 26 years, I have experienced some of these changes. This course has confirmed my decision to return to school and obtain my Bachelors of Nursing (BSN) degree. With the shift to community health and prevention, nurses are going to be required to have a BSN. In the last two years the organization I work with has started requiring any nursing position that is classified as a case manager to have a…show more content…
The one topic that we did spend much time on was professionalism, ethics and potential legal issues. Nursing has always been a well-respected profession and demanded ethical and professional behavior and this has helped with the creation of state and national associations that have standardized the nurse’s code of ethics. As nurses we have the ethical responsibility to have nonjudgmental attitudes, to be honest and protect the patient’s rights of privacy and
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