Nurses ' Emotions And Perception Of Patient 's Emotions

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Nurse’s Emotions & Perception of Patient’s Emotions
During the interaction the nursing student felt fairly comfortable. Although, at times it did get quiet so this was corrected by asking more questions on the biopyschosocial assessment. That method wasn’t therapeutic because it may have made the patient uncomfortable answering so many questions. Overall the nursing student thought the interaction was smooth. The patient seemed to enjoy the company for a while. However, the patient may have felt a little overwhelmed with the amount of questions asked. The questions didn’t seem to affect the interaction. The patient was willing to answer all of them, but in the future the nursing student wont ask so many questions, rather just have a conversation with the patient.
Learned in this Experience and Future Practice

The main point that the student learned in this experience is that safety is always of priority. No matter where a person works, whether it is outpatient, inpatient, or it may even be home health, it is so important to know how to keep patients safe, as well, as the nurse themselves. For the therapeutic communication aspect, the student became aware of how important it is to create this line of communication. Many patients with mental illnesses may be suspicious of nurses or nursing students and so it takes a very calm demeanor when approaching each patient. It is also important to be confident while talking to the patients, most patients will know if an individual is nervous. This may make the patient feel like they are different from the rest of the individuals that the person communicates with. Mental health nursing is everywhere in the community. Therefore, the student will be able to apply this learning in every setti...

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...nal West each day ranges anywhere from $1,000-1,500.
Role of the Nurse
The main role of the nurse in the outpatient setting is education. It is important that the nurses teach their patients the importance of medication compliance and assess the patient for any changes in behavior. The time spent with the case manager in the outpatient setting may be anywhere from once a week to five days a week depending on the patients needs. Safety is the priority for the nurse assessing the patient. Therefore, asking questions about thoughts of suicide or homicide are of priority. It is also important for the nurse to talk to the patient about their medications and what side effects they may be experiencing. The case manager at BMS helps to answer any questions the patients may have. They also try to get the patients in the community lined up with as many resources as possible.
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