NT1330 Unit 1 Assignment: Nuclear Factory Land Simulation

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The stimulation we had to do for class focused on a piece of land in Cleveland OH that once belonged to a nuclear factory. This land consisted of 4 acres in the north-central section of Ward 12, and adjacent to ward 3. The allotment is positioned closely to many low-income segments of the South Broadway neighborhood. The goal was to come up with an idea on what should replace the decommissioned factory and create the biggest benefit for the community. Representatives from Ward 12 and 3, and some city council members were planning to devote the allotment to new complex that will better serve the impoverished neighborhood and community. Although that was the plan brewing the stimulation was to take place as a city council meeting and have different members of the city to come up with ideas/proposals for the piece of land in Ward 12. There were four groups that presented proposals, the mayor (Richard LaPilusa), Representative from Ward 12 (Logan Diehl), Cleveland Developers Coalition (Mark Hobson), and South Broadway Neighborhood Organization (Setffi Zepp, and Zachary Scheetz). Besides these groups who presented proposals there were city council representatives from various wards. I, myself represented Ward 2, Eddie Fogel represented Ward 13, and Fiorella Yriberry represented Ward 14. Our job was to ask vigorous questions to get the …show more content…

Everyone took their roles very serious, which was the fun part to me. When doing a project like this you want everyone being as serious as possible and playing their role as it should be. Logan Diehl (mayor) really set the stimulation when he stepped up to the podium in his suit to give an overview of the meeting and call the meeting to order. Another aspect of the stimulation I enjoyed and thought it brought realistic vibes was when the city council representatives which included myself introduced themselves and stated what ward they represented before asking their

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