NT1330 Unit 3 Assignment 1: Illinois Route 150 Design Improvement

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In order to effectively engage the citizens of Galesburg in a meaningful and useful manner, it is imperative to employ two methods to gauge their preferences and allow them to voice their concerns. The first will be a photo questionnaire that is sent out to every member of the community via mail or email if one is one file, and the other will be a public hearing that will be held on a day of the community's choosing. This is their home, so the community should be as involved as possible in the process of improving the entrance along Illinois Route 150 that suits their needs, and preferences. The photo questionnaire portion of this process will be sent out two months in advance of the public hearing so that the information can accurately be…show more content…
Another element of the questionnaire is asking whether the community members would be willing to do a site visit prior to the public hearing. This will allow for them to appropriately understand the site prior to discussing it, and this will be a less formal setting, essentially a community gathering, with food, and games so the community can gather and speak in a lower stress, less formal setting. The photo questionnaire itself is going to show multiple different design approaches that could be used to resolve the route 150 issues. There will be multiple question sets starting with the lane reduction approach. This set will show the original site and context, then…show more content…
The issue with typical public hearings is, not everyone can attend, and not everyone who attends speaks. The first problem should have been alleviated by the fact questionnaire asking what times and dates worked best for the community in the photo questionnaire and set up the public hearing accordingly. The second part is more difficult to deal with, not everyone is comfortable speaking in public, or even at the community gathering they may not be comfortable coming up to strangers to voice their concerns. So, when everyone arrives on their way into the hearing a small survey will be given to them that also provides space for them to write down their concerns. This survey will not only gauge preference, but will also be asking some personal questions about age, race, and sex so that there can be an accurate measure of who showed up to the public hearing and different concerns of different subcultures. This survey will provide data that can be utilized in the future, that is more accurate than simply writing down what everyone says during the public hearing. For the public hearing, there will be multiple different design approaches shown that were created based off the results of the questionnaire, these designs will show the community what is possible, and that their input is being heard. Rather than asking them to pick a favorite of the bunch they will be asked to pick some
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