Nt1310 Unit 9 Final Project

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I am a plate that is made of clay that was taken from the Earth of Japan. But before I was made into a plate I was up to the mountains near a big forest that had a Jinja on top a beautiful waterfall where water fell from the top to the bottom and sometimes flowing to rivers. But when winter comes the waterfall would freeze into shards and when the winter goes the shards and snow turn into water filling up the waterfall making a waterfall from the top to the bottom flowing with an immense amount of water to rivers and ponds that would sometimes connect with the waterfall. My maker crafted me to be used as art depicting many natural objects or buildings even sometimes people in the drawing. I am also used to hold a meal for a person who would eat the nourishment from top to bottom. Most of the time I would have fish from the ocean or rice that was farmed in flatlands on top of me.…show more content…
Plates would mostly be decorated with natural objects and or of people in nature or depicting an image someone sees. But for me, well I was painted of the beautiful waterfall I once lived near. The painting depicts the waterfall with water rushing down with trees next to it and with the Jinja on top, with words in kanji on it. At the jinja, he wrote Jinja (神社). Also In the waterfall, he wrote water god (水神) to represent the rumored Kami. Even though kami are like spirits they sometimes are referred to gods for some. The artist carefully painted me to make me the highest quality of art. Although my artist was one of the lowest in the social class, He was very good at his job. The artist may not have been paid well but his job painting was very good because it was detailed and beautiful. My current owner is a samurai, and in the social class, he is in between. His house was very large and has a wall surrounding it with gates up
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