Nt1330 Unit 1 Assignment

explanatory Essay
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556 words

The job I do for my company is really unlike the umbrella term of Information Technology as my job covers many different kinds of work for our company’s projects. Honestly, it can be a little all over the place. Since my team doesn’t really get much in the way of direction from my boss, or upper management for that matter, we’re constant victims of occupational scope screep. Rather than try to explain what I do, it’s probably better to describe our company’s main product. Our company is exclusively B2B. The kinds of businesses we service are typically “Tier 1” retailers in the United States and Canada. To the best of my knowledge, we’ve never been B2C (Business to Customer), as the sort of software we sell is for enterprise-level implementations. We can’t even foresee any situation (including a customer-to-customer scenario) where an individual will need to have our software. It would be like using trying to use a giant cruise ship to cross the Ohio river by boat—it’s just too big. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the job they do for their company is unlike the umbrella term of information technology as it covers many different kinds of work for our company's projects.
  • Explains that their company is exclusively b2b. the kind of businesses we service are typically "tier 1" retailers in the united states and canada.
  • Explains that our company's point-of-sale software could be described as having a client-server architecture.
  • Explains that netscape's point-of-sale is a graphical interface with hyperlinks, but it isn't the standard browser that you're used to.
  • Explains that their company's point-of-sale functions pretty well, even though things can go bad with it. they've moved onto bigger and better knowledge bases like confluence.

The tills (clients) recall information and transactional data from a Web Server or other host which then retrieves the applicable data for those clients from one of many different sources. One of those sources could be a database. It could also retrieve data from a completely external system through the use of a webservice call or HTTP request. Once the server receives the data and processes it, it distributes it to the till (client) that asked for it. In that whole process, there’s a whole lot more under the hood that’s going on, but we don’t really have time to get into that

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