Nt1310 Unit 2 Assignment

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1.“If, for example, students were not ultimately rewarded for spending their early adulthoods pursuing undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees, or if the hardest-working and most productive workers were paid the same as the median worker, then citizens would have little incentive to develop expertise, to exert effort, or to excel in their work.” This quote by Autor supports Proposition #1 by saying that these uneducated people are lazier because there is less incentive to gain a degree in this situation. While this is obviously not true in the real world, it can be used as an example because many of these people view their situation in this way; it’s not worth it to make the effort to get an education. The laziness epidemic is…show more content…
David Autor definitely agrees with the statements of Proposition #2 by acknowledging that much of the income gap is a result of lack of education, low minimum wage and the bargaining power of labor unions among other things, all of which are a result of purposeful policy that has favored wealthy people at the expense of the poor. Autor discussed the inequality in classes and the income gap that has arisen between the upper 1% and the rest of modern society in recent years and exactly why that happened. As the majority of the economy’s jobs have moved away from the agricultural and industrial areas in the last 100-150 years, skills and education have become much more vital as careers as doctors, lawyers and other professional fields have become higher demanded and therefore more available. The entry into college has become even more vital for people to sustain jobs or even get one in the first place so the upper middle class who can afford to go to college profit, while the lower end of the 99 percent suffer because they can’t afford to pay for college which leads to a higher standard of living. Events such as the Vietnam War pushed more people who could afford it to enter college and artificially raised the national percentage of college students because this allowed them to evade the draft and avoid military
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