Nt1310 Unit 1 Assignment

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• Describe what you did. This final week I learned a little bit more about NP-Completeness and also looked into impossible problems like the halting problem. For the discussion post, I needed to explain what the halting problem is and what benefits it provides in the analysis of algorithms. Additionally, I began preparing for the end of the course by completing the course evaluation, studying my notes, and reviewing each unit’s learning guides and quizzes. • Describe your reactions to what you did. I actually read about several of these topics last week because the reading assignment outline did not seem to cover the entirety of the topics that were intended to be covered by the learning guide. I wasn’t particularly surprised by any of the new aspects of them that I learned about this week. The halting problem is …show more content…

Discuss how they were helpful. It is early in the week yet when I’m preparing this journal and I have not received any feedback on my prior week’s learning journal or my discussion post for this week. There was not an assignment in unit 7, so there has been no feedback there either. • Describe your feelings and attitudes. This has been a challenging course overall. However, I feel like I’ve grasped the majority, if not all, the topics we have covered. While I may not be a master on the subject matter, yet, I feel that I am at least meeting the requirements expected for the course. I’ll see if this is reflected when I take the review exam later in the week. • Describe what you learned. While much of this course covered learning methods of most efficiently performing certain tasks, these last two weeks have been focused on being able to identify if you have most efficiently implemented such an algorithm. The skill I’ve learned this week is to determine when improvements have, very likely, reached their maximum and how to show that they have. • What surprised me or caused me to

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