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For years now, a new religious movement has been sweeping through the United States creating a huge uproar as to whether or not Chrislam is a possible solution to solve problems between Christians and Muslims. Beginning in the 1970s, the first movement of Chrislam, Ifeoluwa, was started predominately in Lagos, Nigeria by Tela Tella. Then came the second movement, Oke-Tude, which has had a stronger stand since it began in 1999 by Shamsuddin Saka. Both, Tella and Saka, were supposedly told by God, or Allah in Islamic, to make peace between the Christian and Islamic faiths. Well known ministers are now joining in the belief of a commonality between Christians and Muslims, this includes Rick Warren, Glenn Beck, Brian McLaren, and Jim Wallis. These Chrislam believers claim that there similarities between Christians and Muslims, such as the affirmation of the virgin birth, the second coming, and one creator. These, however, are not strong enough together to create a common ground between Christians and Muslims. The Islamic faith cannot compare with Christianity because the Islamic faith has only one prophet, denies that Jesus died and rose again, ignores the holy trinity and the Qur’an is non-canonical.
Muslims claim to have more than one prophet, but this cannot be proven considering the Qur’an is non-canonical. Muhammad is the only true prophet of the Islamic faith. Muslims claim there are twenty-four more prophets, but these prophets are confirmed in the Christian Bible and the Jewish Torah, not the Qur’an. Notable prophets that are in the Christian and Jewish religions, that are claimed to be in the Islamic religion, includes Adam, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, and Jonah. In the Qur’an, these are more of historical ...

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