Nike Child Labor Case Study

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Introduction The Nike Inc. company “Just do It” logo encourages many to be motivated to push themselves to work hard and to believe in themselves. The Nike Inc. shoe industry has marketed their sneakers through popular icons such as sport players. However, the same should be encouraged in employees who manufacture these products overseas in China, Indonesia and Korea. Nike has a responsibility to ensure that Management in the manufacturing company is held to a higher practice to avoid unsafe working conditions, unfair pay and child labor.
Unsafe Working Conditions
Marketing agencies know that the way to encourage buying it to present a need or want based on popularity. Therefore, it is unbelievable that those superstars that people
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The rising cost of supplies and companies having limited resources in the United States, it would seem logical that companies venture out and obtain for cost effective material and labor. However, Nike is also reported to have no knowledge of working conditions by subcontractors overseas. In addition, reports indicated that employees working at a facility that is “owned and operated by a Korean subcontractor, were forced to work 65 hours a week, far more than Vietnamese law allows, for $10 a week” (Greenhouse, 1997, November 8). In addition to working long hours and little pay, Nike manufacturing companies in China are said to be in violation of exploiting child labor.
Child Labor and Slavery
According to Nike’s own investigation, it was discovered “167 cases of its existing employees that were underage, but now have reached the legal age of 18 years old and two cases where there were current underage workers”. (Fasion Ezine, 2016). Women and children are both working up to 60 hours per week at times located in dwellings away from family. Often, these are low income or poverty driven workers that are confined to the factor’s needs to push out more production to meet the growing needs of consumers.
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