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Lacking the ability to detect harmful stimuli will lead to a greater chance of obtaining a harmful injury. Sometimes these injuries can be self-inflicted without the suffering individual being aware of the harm. The lack of degeneration of these stimuli is sometimes referred to as a neurodegenerative disorder. The technical term neurodegenerative disorders is a word that encompasses the gradual loss of neuron structure and function. The mechanisms that are attributed to neurodegeneration have not yet been completely identified. There are distinct proteins involved in neurodegeneration. These proteins affect specific molecular pathways. Various proteins that are involved in sensory neurodegeneration are a result of axon degeneration. When neurons…show more content…
Hereditary sensor and autonomic disorders (HSANs) are particular disorder that are characterized by a decrease in nociceptors, or pain sensation, and degenerations of peripheral nerves. An additional defect of neurodegenerative disorders such as HSANs may be autonomic dysfunction, which affects your autonomic nervous system. Channelopathy-associated pain insensitivity (CIP) is another rare disorder that will increase the loss of pain sensitivity. Throughout the study, next generation sequencing (NGS) was used. NGS is a technology that is making big progress in the medical field of genomics, and is attributed to the identification of many new diseases and genes. The NGS technology was used on patients who had the HSAN without mutations in the genes that are already linked to this…show more content…
In order to prevent oxidative stress due to heme build up, FLVCR1a must be present, which proves that FLVCR1a is crucial for the overall health of neurons. Throughout the experiment, it was shown that FLVCR1 mutations lower the ability of FLVCR1 to transport heme form to the cytosol, and an accumulation of heme well lead to cellular atrophy, especial to cells of sensory neurons. Heme is a very critical substance that is needed in varies processes within the body, and regulation of heme via FLVCR1 inferred that it plays an important role in neurons. Additionally, it has been concluded that a build up of heme will cause oxidative stress, and this accumulation will lead to neuropathy. Nociception is one of the fundamental senses in all life forms, and without it, chances of severe injuries are greatly increased, and could ultimately lead to death if not observed and managed
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