Negative Effects Of Healthy Food

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Today’s medical advancement has benefited many people in multiple ways. Plenty of lives have been saved because of our wonderful doctors and advanced medical treatments; there is no doubt about that. Now, think about the lives that have suffered because of doctors habitual practices of prescribing pharmaceutical medication. An umpteen amount of United States citizens have deteriorated under the wrath of pharmaceutical drugs. What many people do not understand is this simple fact: healthy food can help any physical, mental, and social ailment affecting the human body. I am going to give information that will support the fact of healthy foods and the reaction from the human body; it will redirect your thinking of a healthy diet as well as elaborate…show more content…
“Some fast food meals give you a whole day’s worth of calories” (Pietrangelo, 2014). Empty calories refer to calories with zero nutritional value. This can cause weight gain, shortness of breath, depression, high blood pressure, along with poor dental health and chronic headaches (Pietrangelo, 2014). Even though these fast food restaurants claim they are convenient, the foods being served are not so convenient in the long run. Some people even see problems shortly after consuming bad foods, such as acne and bad digestion. By eating junk food, our bodies are starved from the nutritional value needed to function properly. Eating a healthy diet on a daily basis not only saves money, it saves time from being in doctor offices. Healthy bodies means less illness. Having a meal plan is even better. When writing or typing out the meals for the week, going out to grocery stores to buy the nutritional foods, and then preparing the meals sets off oxytocin in the brain, which then rewards the body and makes the brain want to do it again and again. Therefore, one should always be mindful of the foods they eat and how much they are really saving, or risking, when eating junk
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