Role Of Competition In Health Care

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Competitions on Health and Medical Care Competition ensures the provision of better products and services to satisfy the needs of customers (Rivers and Glover, 2013) (Martins, n.d.). Traditional competition in health care involves one or more elements (e.g. price, quality, convenience, and superior products or services) (Rivers and Glovers, 2013) (Martins, n.d.). A key role of competition in health care is the potential to provide a mechanism for reducing health care costs (Rivers and Glover, 2013) (Martins, n.d.). Healthcare is one of the most important needs of human beings (Martins, n.d.). This statement is true because if man does not have excellent health, he cannot give his full potential (Martins, n.d.). Healthcare can be said to be all about providing medical services, products and equipment to extend, protect and increase the quality of human lives (Martins, n.d.). One threat to this industry of Medicare and Health is simply people gaining knowledge of living healthier lives by eating better (‘Cancer Prevention Diet: Lower Your Risk with Cancer-Fighting Foods’, 2015). How could the world of medical care survive if people simply just ate right? If people are healthy, there is no need for medical care (Fontaine, English, & Williams, 2014). One of the biggest cases in the world of medical care and health is the interest in healthy food. It is said that most diseases can be avoided with a…show more content…
As Americans we are fortunate to have such an excellent healthcare system and medical care system. We are also fortunate to be educated as to how to live our lives and the outcome of the choices we make. It is by choice to either choose the rout of medications, annual doctor visits and prescriptions, or maintaining a disciplined life of eating foods that create optimal health benefits. Let your food be your medicine, and have your medicine be your
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