The Bad Effects Of Junk Food And Health

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Junk Food and Health
How many people do you think these days eat junk food? Fast food is the food that is made fast and quickly. Everyone knows that food is the fuel for our body, it gives us the energy we need to start our mornings. But now a day people are eating fast food more than healthy and organic food. People are not aware of the bad effects of fast food on their bodies junk food is affecting the body negatively. Fast food has a lot of bad effects on the human’s body that we should all be aware of. Extra calories, affecting the brain negatively and Obesity.
One of the effects is that junk food contains a high amount of unhealthy ingredients. The sugar and oil in junk food gives the body extra calories that the body doesn’t need which will later be unhealthy fats. Fast food also contains high number of calories and sugar, which does not gives the body any nutritional value. Junk food has a high amount of sodium, which will increase the risks of heart diseases. According to Eric Schlosser (n.d) in “The bad effects of fast food,” that fast food is popular because its convenient, it’s cheap, and it tastes good, But the real cost of eating fast food never appears on the menu. Your body and health should mean a lot to you, you should keep it clean and healthy. To do that
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Junk food contains a high amount of unhealthy ingredients that affects our body in a bad way. Junk food also affects our brain negatively and obesity is also one of the effects of fast food on the humans body. In order to let young people and children stop eating fast food parents should help them with that. Eating junk food should be one day every week or also one day every month not more than that. There are many other reasons why junk food is bad but these three reasons are the most important one’s that people should be afraid of. Stop eating fast food from today and start a new healthy life. Our body needs to be clean and
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