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Food Waste - Canada

Have you ever thought about how much food you waste everyday? The unfortunate truth is, the amount of food you wasted could have saved someone's life, yet it ended up being thrown in the trash. As a matter of fact, food waste is a serious issue that wastes $31 billion in Canada each year. We can help reduce this high amount by changing our aesthetic desires, shopping intelligently and understanding food date labels. Every single one of us is guilty, but we can make up for our wrong doings. In fact, it’s much easier to help than you may think.

Fruits and vegetables are graded on a scale that is often only based on aesthetic, with more symmetrical items harvested and shipped away for sale while imperfect ones are discarded.
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When you go grocery shopping, make sure you don't buy too much. This means going to the grocery store more often, and reducing the amount of food you buy each time. If you live far away from the store or you hate shopping, you should be thoughtful and careful about what you purchase. The influence of special deals, such as “buy two get one free”, may be one of the biggest aspects of why food gets wasted. Getting a good deal on food items feels good but can lead to spending more money and building up on more food than needed. Not shopping hungry will surprisingly also reduce the amount of food wasted. You may be more likely to purchase on impulse based on what sounds good to eat at the time, which can lead to uneaten and wasted food. Another tip is to buy loose produce. This is a great way to buy just the right amount of food, based on a weekly plan, and also cut down on packaging waste. A very helpful and important thing to do is to plan out your meals, and make a detailed shopping list with the ingredients you'll need, and when you're in the store, stick to that list. This way you’ll know exactly what you need to buy and won’t buy excess…show more content…
There’s no point in contributing to this wastage when you can assist in a positive manner. It’s extremely easy to help, even by doing the simplest things such as learning that produce tastes good no matter it’s appearance, shopping in a reasonable matter and not confusing food date labels, causing you to throw out perfectly good food. You might think that food waste isn’t your problem, however you might be surprised that 47% of food waste in Canada happens at home, including ours, making this as huge of a problem for you as it is for everyone else. It’s never too late to start helping now and inform others about these tips that can affect a lot and reduce the tremendous amount of food that gets wasted for many generations to
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