Narrative Essay About Moving In America

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I twitched with excitement but fright was coursing through my veins, this was the day I had to face one of my biggest fears: moving. Moving is terrifying- but this was to a new level, since I was leaving the country I had called home for so many years and the family which I had lived with for my whole life in order to appease my father’s work schedule. I glanced at my Babushka at the terminal, and squeezed her hand- it was time to move on. I board the plane squeezing my mom 's hand. I wake up with the plane jiggling and realize we are in my new home: America. I step off the plane and start walking with my parents, I’m a little nervous to see who else is apart of my family here.. I remember the last day I spent in Russia, we were with my family and had a party we would go out…show more content…
I knew that was going to one of the things I would miss the most. I try to think of what my new family was going to be like. A thought of an American family pops in my head like the ones I see on the TV, a white picket fence, with a perfect housewife and I think this is the opposite of my family. My family was untraditional, in Russia it was normal for the grandparents to raise the kids while the parents worked. I would always see my grandmother as my mom. Thinking about what I grandma did for me didn 't seem like something my mom would be good at or even want to do. While I was growing up everybody would say I’m more like my mom and my sister is more like my dad so I always just assumed that when/if we ever moved to America I would be completely opposite since me and my sister are opposites. The reason why I always thought like that was because I was not used
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