Narrative Essay About Moving To America

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In the beginning of September 2005, disappointment and excitement revealed on my face when I boarded the plane to move to the United States of America. The feeling of leaving my families, friends, school, clothes, and culture in Cameroon presented a hardship for me on this journey. Of course, I anticipated this new life because it indicated a fresh start. I envisioned it resembling life in movies, where everything appeared to be simple and life was simply excellent. All things considered, I was heading off to the United States, known for the American dream. To me it meant that everyone is given equal opportunity to prosper, achieve a family, and attain a successful job as long as they are hardworking and determined. I felt exceptionally honored and blessed to have this open door since I realized that it was not provided to everybody. Coming to America denoted my transitioning on the grounds that I deserted my previous lifestyle in Cameroon, began a new chapter in my life once again, and finally became a much grateful individual. Give me a chance to take you back to the old life that I abandoned. I was conceived in Cameroon, a little town called Bamendou, which is located in the state called Dschang. I…show more content…
the process of moving to a new country and starting over was not an easy one, but it was very much worth it. Being in America has given me so many new opportunities. Looking at my life now, the fact the I am able to go to college, drive a car, and be independent is a blessing. Many people that are my age don’t get those opportunities in Cameroon. The rights that I have here in America as a woman, are not the same rights that I would’ve had if I were still in Cameroon. Through the process, I learned not to be afraid of new beginnings. New beginnings bring with them new opportunities, friendships, experiences, and
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