Personal Narrative Essay: My First Day In USA

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My first day in USA Everyone has dream in life. Some people have a dream to visit different places and some people want to become successful in future. Likewise I also had a dream to come USA and to become successful in future. I was 17 when I came here with my parents. I heard a lot from my friends about their first day in USA. They said it was so sad however mine was the best day and the long day in my life which I can’t ever forget. I still remember that day in USA; I was sleeping in the airplane because I was so tired of traveling 18 hours flight. I was in a deep sleep suddenly I heard someone was calling my name because of that I wake up. It was my mom who was calling me. She told me to look outside I rub my eyes and looked outside. I still remember that moment when I first looked California, USA through plane window, those tall building which I saw in movies looks like a plane ground. I was so excited to be here in USA I feel like it is a piece of heaven. Because I was enjoying the beautiful scenery I forget…show more content…
We got off from plane and headed towards the exit. My cousins and my family case worker were already their waiting for us. I was so shocked and the same time I was so happy to meet with my cousins after 6 years. This days too when I went to airport reminds me of that day. We collect bags and headed towards my cousin’s house, I was so hungry and I asked my cousin “what kind of food you made” she knew that we love Nepali cosine so she had made Nepali cosine. We ate food after that I went upstairs to rest. I was so excited and little bit scared to be here and start my new life in USA because I knew that USA life is different than Nepalese life style, however that day was my best day ever in my life. I felt like my dream came true. I had a lot of things going through my mind. Like what am I going to do, what is best for me things like
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