My New Co-Worker is Becoming My Best Friend

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She’s the type of person who’d take walks anywhere. And I mean ANYWHERE, whether it is a park, or even a graveyard. It sort of creeps me out, this new co-worker of mine. But the thought soon shook off me after weI had one brief lunch-break together. I can’t imagine her dressing up in designer clothes and acting like those other posh people back at the office. Her sense of style was not sophisticated but it was respectable and casual. It really did suit her. I guess it’s because she feels comfortable and confident in them, and it shows that too! But working in the fashion agency wearing those “bargain clothes”, she will be scrutinized for sure. I hope she wouldn’t get it the hard way like I did. I am not proud of the fact that I had to spend a fortune on clothes and accessories just to fit in and be accepted with the other co-workers. But that is something I’d always keep to myself. As I watched her pick up her coffee to drink it, I could tell she was not a fan of etiquette. But that did not mean she had no proper table manners; she just lacked the way other ‘top-rank’ ladies back at the office would wipe their cherry-red lips softly with a napkin after each sip in case their lipstick got smeared. It was great to finally meet someone who I could go have a pleasant lunch break with and actually make it back to the office in time. If it were any of the other co-workers, I would always have to sit at the table and wait for the other girls to pop into the restaurant toilet to fix their hair and makeup; and that usually took awhile. I also do wear makeup but just faintly enough to cover up the imperfections. Therefore, I need not to tire myself and re-do my makeup after every single bloody meal. Nancy was the same, she didn’t wear much makeup, not that she needed any. She had an almost-perfect face with features fit enough for her to be a model herself in the agency, instead of writing about them. Her round almond-shaped eyes were accompanied with lovely dark eyebrows that in contrary, matched her eye colour in return. Her nose was petite and small, a great silhouette of European heredity.

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