My Parents Met At College

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My parents met in college. They frequented the same circle of friend and had a non-serious relationship, broke up and went their separate ways. Years later, while working in different departments of the same company, hey rekindled their relationship and got married. Though my parents complete each other on various levels, they are quite the opposite in terms of wardrobe and teaching style. In fact, a weekday in my parents’ world is waking up, taking turns showering and then comes the dressing. On one hand, My Dad is laid back. He does not mind wearing the same suit for a couple of days. Even though his closet is full of fashionable clothes handpicked by my mom, he prefers casual and comfortable clothing. His style is a simple shirt-pant-tie outfit without the vest. A matching pair of shoes is the least of his concern. On the other hand, my mom has a fine sense of style. Her wardrobe is composed of stylish clothes which perfectly suit her. She knows exactly what to wear and is stunning at every event. Her position as a human resources manager force her to be presentable all the ti...

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