My Multifactor Emotional Intelligence

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Daniel Goleman (Big Think, 2012) refers to “emotional intelligence (EI) as how well we handle ourselves in our relationships” and is comprised of four dimensions: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social-Awareness, and Relationship Management. Scientifically-based assessment tools like the Multifactor Emotional Intelligence Scale (MEIS) have been developed to measure an individual’s EI areas of strength and weakness. The following paper will analyze and discuss the results of my Maetrix MEIS Self-Assessment, how emotional intelligence impacts my self-leadership abilities and strategies that I plan on using to develop into a more efficient leader. Results of Maetrix MEIT Self-Assessment The Multifactor Emotional Intelligence Scale (MEIS) Self-Assessment…show more content…
Caruso, Mayer, and Salovey 's (2002) describe understanding one’s emotions as “the ability to understand complex emotions and emotional ‘chains,’ how emotions transition from one state to another, the ability to recognize the causes of emotions, and the ability to understand relationships,” (p. 307). Individuals with high levels of Self-Awareness have capacity to understand certain events, situations, and triggers impact how one makes decisions, interacts with others, and manages…show more content…
When I first stepped into my role as a Learning Technologies Specialist, I was highly focused on self-achievement and naturally inclined towards working alone. My continued personal and professional growth has challenged my thinking because I am starting to see the role of collaboration in setting a vision, managing conflict, and influencing others. I am beginning to see the value in disagreement and healthy conflict in productive teams. For example, I have a colleague who is always challenging my thoughts, opinions, and decisions. At first, I saw this colleague as cold, uncaring, and rude; however, over time, I have begun to realize that this individual has been essential to my professional growth and development. Unfortunately, my fear of conflict has prevented me from seeing that people with high relationship management skills realize the value and influence of others in setting the foundation for productive
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