Personal Leadership Philosophy

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Throughout my life, my experiences and role models have shaped my understanding of leadership. I believe leadership is responsibly guiding and motivating others to use both my strengths and their own to obtain success. My personal leadership philosophy is guided by my core values of my family, relationships, loyalty, harmony, and responsibility. My ever-changing definition of philosophy helps my leadership and decision making routinely. New experience’s and external forces effect my translation of leadership daily which, in turn, helps shape me into a successful leader. I rely on the core values family, relationships, loyalty, harmony, and responsibility to guide my leadership.
I believe leadership has to have leaders and followers.
I understand
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As my identity continues to develop daily, I reminded constantly of my core values. As a nineteen year-old male attending the University of Iowa it is important to remember, “Where I came from”. I attended private catholic schools for the entirety of my educational career until arriving at college. While in the Catholic school system, I learned that faith and family play a crucial role in my personal values. I am the third of four children. I am an avid golfer and an earnest hunter. I take pride in the satisfaction I gain from peers’ success. I am a loyal, honest, and dependable…show more content…
As I stated earlier, loyalty is one of my top values, and I believe that if I am a loyal leader many people will trust me and develop their leadership attributes. Along with loyalty comes relationships. To me, the two go hand in hand. It is nearly impossible to have a healthy relationship when someone is not being loyal. I believe my greatest opportunity to be loyal and successful is to utilize my leadership ability to fulfill my potential. I plan to use the strengths I discovered from StrengthsFinder 2.0 to navigate my values down whichever path I decide to choose for the remainder of my college career, and any post-graduation occupation. I believe that my top strength, harmony, will continue to affect the way I make relationships. Harmony has been an extremely large part of my life and I intend to rely on it throughout my life. I know that my second strength, adaptability, will give me the tools to encounter anything that life throws at me. I understand that things are not always going to go the way you intend. Having the ability to adjust my thought processes is just one way adaptability will make a difference in my life. I believe that my third strength, WOO, will help me to build relationships and expand my network no matter how old I am. Being able to relate and connect with others is something I strive to do in my daily life. My fourth strength, communication, goes hand in hand with WOO.
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