My Interest Of The Dental Industry Happen By Total Happenstance

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My interest in the dental industry happen by total happenstance. As a successful cosmetologist, I wasn 't planning on being in this industry nor did I have any interest dentistry initially. By someone 's advice I decided to take a chance on it. Upon my visit to a ten week dental assisting program, I met with an admissions counselor. She, also a cosmetologist, mentioned that she noticed a lot cosmetologists transitioning over into dentistry. That sparked an interest in me to look into other more reputable schools. I thought about the two industries and how much they have in common. Things like dentistry being very skill-based and having an aspect of art. There is definitely a certain level of hand skills that you have to have, as well as working with people and bringing up someone’s self-esteem. Correcting smiles and treating ailments that prevent people from eating and smiling is my motivation for dentistry. Upon enrolling at Texas State Technical College, I met some amazing professors who really inspired me to go for with my dreams of becoming a dentist. Even after expressing my fear of failure because I had a child, they assured me that I had it in me to do it. I had no idea how much work it would take to get to where wanted to be, but I knew that this was the career for me. It felt so good to finally know my purpose in life. Before actually starting my prerequisite for dental school my main motivation for going into dental school was to help people and I had a genuine interested in all the new technology. All the new advancements in technology that the dental industry as a whole had offered definitely reeled me in. I didn 't really know what I was getting myself into or how much dentistry has to offer until I actually started w... ... middle of paper ... ...n that I 'm helping someone oral health and can 't confidence so dentistry is an amazing profession I 've learned a lot of lessons through this journey I 've grown through this journey I 've never been a strong student but I 've learned a lot about asking for help I 've learned a lot about studying and time management all things important even in practice and I really grown into knowing myself and finding myself so for years of education of undergrad education and four years of dental school possibly up possibly a post back maybe even a residency I mean it 's a long long journey and you have to understand your sacrifices you have to understand that you 're investing in your future you 're investing in your community your investing in your family your family 's future so it 's very serious but rewarding process and I couldn 't be more pleased and excited for my future

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