Dental Hygienists

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Why do You Want to Work in Peoples Mouth’s ?
The career I want to study is dental hygiene. When telling people what my major is they all tend to ask the same question. The question what is usually asked is, “why do you want to work im peoples mouth’s. My response to the question is that the career will give me the opportunity to help people become more confident with their smiles. The question to me is kind of misleading about the career. Dental hygienists have more tasks to accomplish at the dental office other than being in peoples mouth’s.
My major is dental hygiene, because the career will educate others about the importance about taking care of their oral health. It is also a career for one to get with an associate degree. Last
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This is an advantage because the dentist hygienist would not have to do all the work by their self. The work that is split between the dentist and dental hygienist would help both stay on top all their work so they would not get behind. However, the ultimate responsibility falls on dental hygienists to keep their schedules running efficiently (Quint, RDH 2).
Therefore, the pay is another reason why I want to be a dental hygienist. Hygienist are paid $37.44 per hour and $72,330 per year (United States). The pay is worth working in someone’s mouths. It is decent money. It would not be hard for one to make, because they years they spent studying for the career and the time they spent being in the programs. Personally, the career pay would help me be on the rigĥt path into being an independent
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This is another reason why I would like the career of eorking in peoples mouth’s. The dental hygiene career gives their workers the opportunity of choosing what type of setting they will want to work in. For instance, if one wanteto work in a private dental practices settings because one do not like working wiþ large groups of people. One would have the choice of working in that type of setting if they wanted to. There, my reasons for liking to work as a dental hygienist is necause their work hours a flexible. They will make their on decisions about their schedules based on their lifestyles. The hourly and annually pay will be beneficial to me and it will help me not to depend on anyone.Working in peoples mouth’s will give me the change to help others in the world by being able to educate them on how to properly take care of their

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