Dental Hygiene Career Essay

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The career I have chosen for my future is to become a registered dental hygienist. It wasn’t until I actually learned what dental hygienists do that influenced my interest from medical to dentistry. The first honest reason I was gravitated to dental hygiene was because of the salary. I didn’t really know what Dental Hygienist actually did until I did some research. I promptly educated myself on dental hygiene and I feel there are a lot of advantages becoming a hygienist. One of the best features about a dental hygiene career is, you only need an associate's degree. That’s two years of prerequisites and two years in the program if you get selected. There is a process you have to exceed to get into the program. The process is based on GPA, interviews…show more content…
I plan on applying to the dental program in 2019. I really appreciate the degree plan being that it does not require a great deal of math. My intention is to move to Arizona or Colorado and practice Dental hygiene in rural and disadvantaged communities due to them having a higher rate of periodontal diseases as a result of the lack of dentist and hygienists. As a future dental hygienist, I want to be able to help educate people about dental hygiene, prevent cancers and help rural communities overcome oral diseases and cancers. Dental Hygienist usually work in dentist office's, some of the responsibilities of a dental hygienist are removing tarter, stains and plaque from teeth, they take dental x-rays and access patient oral health and report findings to the dentist. RDH usually work part time, at multiple dentist offices, even though you work part-time, RDH salaries range from $50,000 to $70,000 yearly or $35 an hour. Dental hygiene is one of the highest paid jobs in America that doesn't require a bachelor's degree. The job growth outlook for dental hygiene is 19% according to U.S. Bureau, which is much faster than average so I feel I will have job security with this
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