My Experience With Reading Essay

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My Personal Experience with Reading and Writing
“Limits of my language mean the limits of my world” Ludwig Wittergurtain.
Writing and reading are two nessesary skills that I need while I am learning a new language. After I moved to the US I started to realize that speaking basic English is not enough to be successful. I did well in my first job interview using my speaking skills – I got a job! But in the first day of work I understood that I would have to change my mind from “I really want to improve my English” to “ I really need to improve my English”. Participaiting in English classes helps me with my struggles in reading and writing.
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My English level at that time was not very good, but my previous medical experience helped me pass a four month course and get a job. After a couple of days working in my new position, my superviser realized that my co-workers were helping me to write notes to complete the charts for the patients who had come because of an emergency. This job required me to improve my grammar in a short period of time.
I started the free GED program. This course was my first experience in participating in an English class and it was amazing. Earning a GED sertificate give me a lot of self-confidence to continue my education. In ENF class I am still working to correct my awkward sentence structure when I write. My first essay draft I rewrote five times. I was having a problem with arranging words in the way one speaks in
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I have started being able to work with less stress without bothering my co-workers to help me in writing professional notes. My job has become more fun. I am also able to help my son with school homework. Finally, I had developed new good habits. As I have learned a new vocabulary I have started to like to read books in English instead of watching online TV in my first language . In ENF class the teacher likes to divide the students in groups so they can work together .They show their writings by reading them to each other and asking questions. These exercises help me improve my communication skills . I started fill more comfortable in my conversation with Americans and I have made new friends. I found this quote by Amy Chua in my text book wich now reflects the way I feel : “Nothing’s fun until you are good at it”.(ENF 1 –
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