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"The Necklace," Guy de Maupassant effectively employs a very dreary mood, despondent character and a surprise ending to develop the idea that when an individual is overcome by greed, that person has an excessive desire to obtain material wealth to feel self sustained. “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant is about a girl who lives a poor and unfortunate life. She dreams of living in a high class society with many riches and jewels. She sees herself as something important and a person that everyone should respect as a valuable person. The only way Mathilde Loisel can be satisfied with herself and be content is by having expensive objects in her possession. Unfortunately for her she does not have the opportunity or the availability to buy luxurious items for self and becomes frustrated. Without the things that she desires she can not feel happy about how she is living and can not appreciate what she has. Her strong need for the expensive things makes her sad and sorrowful because she lives a normal life with her husband. Attending to typical housewife duties like cooking and cleaning, when she rather be wearing lavish clothes and fancy jewelry. With all the basic needs are are necessary to life a comfortable life. What she desire and hopes for is impractical. Knowing that she can never obtain the wealthy life she begins to feel sorrowful and sadden by that. Her greed for expensive items has become apart of her daily life and it is something that she can't easily change. With her vital need for these items it is a critical aspect in her because without those things she desires she can never be happy and satisfied with her life. Mathilde Loisel will never experience what is like to not have to depend on a physical object to... ... middle of paper ... ...tion we will receive our desired result. People only do actions to satisfy there crave and to get a certain outcome out of it that comes after doing that action. Some people's outcomes result in a selfish and cruel act, but the only reason that person is taking that act is because they crave for the outcome of doing that action. On the other hand some actions of greed can lead to good results, like if a person's car's battery died on the side of the road. Another person will feel the desire to help the unfortunate person to make themselves feel like they did a good deed and leave them with a good feeling and that person is doing a act of greed. So greed can be good and bad, but with Mathilde Loisel her desire was extremely excessive and it portrayed an important point that if you can find happiness by yourself you will need other things or people to make you happy.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how mathilde loisel's greed for expensive items is a critical aspect in her life, since she can't easily change it. many people are like her who need to have what they want to feel full-filled.
  • Opines that the only person that can make a person happy is themselves because all emotions are made and changed inside their own brain. greed is hard to break because it is in relation to emotions and delight.
  • Analyzes how mathilde loisel has a disproportionate desire for money, wealth, and social status. she seeks something that can provide her comfort and make her satisfied with her life.
  • Analyzes how people's actions are a representation of their greed. some actions result in selfish and cruel acts, while others lead to good results.
  • Analyzes how guy de maupassant uses a dreary mood, despondent character, and surprise ending to develop the idea that when an individual is overcome by greed, that person has an excessive desire to obtain material wealth to feel self sustained.
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