Motivational Factors For Online Shopping Essay

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Basic motivational factors for driving consumer intention for online shopping are:

1) It is very convenient. No queues and you can safely choose your favorite item.
2) Below price because in online stores you don’t consider the inventory cost of the product.
3) The choice is huge and is not inferior to the usual shopping for us.
4) If you buy the goods you can also turn them into a gift i.e you can send it to your family or friends. And no matter where they live.
5) The fact that shop works around the clock and seven days a week.
6) Are there any similarities in the value of the goods?
Internet shops make shopping market analysis then set very low interest rates for buyers for the purchase of a product. So the values of goods are high on low prices.
7) Nobody pushes you and does not take the first favorite thing right in front of you. Especially it is convenient to arrange the purchase decision during the holidays or during the sale.
8) Weigh purchase - "yes" or "no."
It happens that coming into the store the shelves are full of necessary and unnecessary things. After shopping while sitting at home and looking at the bought things you begin to think , " and was it worth it to buy all ...? "
9) Purchase of junk at an affordable price.
In the Internet shop you can find things though old but almost nothing. Lovers to buy one or two year old models of consumer electronics can buy the most convenient and affordable option.
10) Purchase alone "hidden" items
Sometimes it is better to buy a couple of things without prying eyes.

Basic Intention which makes people buys things online:

I. social Proof:
The basic human desire to fit into a group leads human to behave in a specific way. He/ She want to communicate, talk and interac...

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...mportant to see if the packaging is damaged or not because such type of goods are without warranty or damaged goods that have previously returned to the stores.
The undeniable advantage of online shopping is always be time saving. By today's standards time saving is important advantage. In second place saving money is also important advantage of it. Products from online stores are much cheaper than conventional products in stores. This is due to the absence of charges of retail premise, pay vendors and other costs. Searching for an hour or two, the network is realistic to find exclusive clothes a scarce commodity or rare thing. In the online stores there are also seasonal sales and savings discounts. The people living in metropolitan areas they tend to buy domestic goods from online retailers delivered free of charge and delivery itself may take several hours.
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