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Summary - A. Tan: In Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue,” she explains the different Englishes she uses throughout her day. Using anecdotal examples, Tan confronts the disrespect most Americans have for “broken” English speakers and their disregard for language barriers. She questions the education system, through her perspective an immigrant’s child, that pushes Asian-Americans towards STEM. Throughout her work, Tan weaves in her journey as an Asian-American writer. Summary - R. Rodriguez: In Ricardo Rodriguez’s “Aria: Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood,” he talks about the use of public and private language in his life. Rodriguez laments about the bilingual enthusiasts that affected the education system to integrate bilingualism. Based off of his experiences, …show more content…

Rodriguez: In the work, “Aria: Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood” by Ricardo Rodriguez, he makes a clear claim that the duality of languages is difficult to sustain because the cost of gaining a public identity in America is losing the private intimacy within your home. Rodriguez explains as he and his siblings learned more English, the less they’d converse with their parents due to the parent’s lack of English expertise. This shows the audience that as he mastered the English language, it was harder to use Spanish. This lost of the language Spanish intersects with his lost of intimacy. As Rodriguez documents, “as I grew fluent in English, I no longer could speak Spanish with confidence,” and thus his uncle and other family members would criticize his English responses. Rodriguez could not maintain two languages. As he was encouraged to speak more English to be publicly accepted, he lost the pride of his Spanish proficient family. Although Rodriguez speaks using personal experience, he does well to admit his narrow viewpoints and uses it to strengthen his argument. During his discussion against bilingual education, he concedes that if Spanish was integrated into school, it would’ve made him feel welcomed. However, he rebuttals by claiming it would've only built a false reality and stave off the inevitable assimilation. In the end, Rodriguez use of personal argumentation let him elaborate the flaws of bilingualism in detail and recognize the flaws of his own argument, however, Rodriguez was able to deconstruct those

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