Argumentative Essay On Bilingual Education

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“School-age children who speak a language other than English at home are one of the fastest-growing populations. Their numbers doubled between 1980 and 2009, and they now make up twenty-one percent of school-age kids.” (Bale 1) According to Bale, bilingual education was accepted as worldwide policy in 1974, when the Equal Educational Opportunity Act was passed as a law to guarantee that children whose first language was not English had the same learning opportunity. The big question is whether or not bilingual education is beneficial for students. Bilingual Education benefits students in many ways. Sit makes them bi-cultural, they are able to enhance their cognitive development, and qualified for a vast number of career opportunities.
Being bilingual is not only about knowing two different languages; it is about becoming bi-cultural. Parents think that it will be hard for their child to learn two different languages at a young age, but the mind is best able to take in a new language between birth and the age of seven. According to Bale, being bi-cultural shows that one is able to better understand their own culture by understanding the values of another. Students are aware of the cultural differences and are able to take part in the life of two or more cultures. When students switch off with both languages, the student is experiencing culturalism. Whenever students visits other countries and their language isn’t English the time there can be more enjoyable. While Rossel states that “people argue that someone who is bi-cultural might have identity issues throughout their life.” (Rossell 1) But he argues that giving the child the challenge to figure out how to handle themselves in two different cultures improves t...

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...nities especially at tourist attractions that require employees to speak two languages. Being bilingual can not only help you find a job where you live but you can relocate to another state and be more likely to land a position in your desired career field.
A lot of people think that being bilingual is inefficient for students who are barely starting to learn. They are wrong, because being bilingual increases your brain cells to work quicker, as well as becoming more aware of different cultures surroundings. When bilingual students graduate from school, they will have more opportunities in their career field. Being bilingual gives students an advantage because they can be involved in two diverse communities without feeling neglected. Speaking two languages is beneficial in today’s world especially when you live in the United States, since it is a diverse country.
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