Misrepresentation Of Women In Media Essay

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Overview Social media has become a main source of interaction, where people are able to connect with each other and collect information immediately. The constant presence of social media in our daily life influence our perception of the world. As a result, giving a false or misleading representation becomes a concern for the object that is being misrepresented. For instance, social media is filled with misrepresentation of women, where they are expected to have certain characteristics and to perform certain roles. As a consequence, women in the real world become stereotyped and are expected to comply with the expectations that media has set for them.

Women in Media According to Business Dictionary, “media is a collection of communication channels
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The media uses women to bring attention to it, using them as sexual objects, meaning that people will not longer see them as human beings but as objects. Women as sexual objects are usually young, posing passively, often dumb and beautiful. This happens a lot in media when the target is men, looking to satisfy and exploit men’s sexual desires. According to Julia T. Wood “the irony of this representation is that the very qualities women are encourage to develop in order to meet cultural ideal of femininity contribute to their victimization” (p.36). When the media represents women like this, they impact the whole women gender in the real world. Being pretty and having a great body should not instantly make you not a person. What usually happens due to the idea of women as sexual objects is that men will no longer treat them with respect but will expect them to give in to them. This encourages men to behave a certain way towards women, women are mostly victims of sexual harassment, commented about their physical appearance either in a negative way or an irritating way, and it also tends to transform this into