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I chose Microsoft Corporation because I grew up seeing it flourish into the company it is now. Microsoft has had a tremendous impact internationally and Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, has also had a major impact on several global issues. In my paper I am going to discuss the history, mission, values, products and services, competitors and how they share the market, a brief overview of the foreign investments and an evaluation of the company’s SWOT analysis.
On September 22, 1994, Microsoft Corporation was established to be a technology company and go all the way back as far as 1975. Microsoft is the leading worldwide company for computer hardware, computer software, cloud services, mobile phones and gaming systems such as Xbox. Their
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Having the freedom to make a difference and making sure employees find meaning in their work is important to Microsoft. They promote growth in mindset, individuals who are customer obsessed, workplace diversity and inclusion. The company knows where it is going and how they are going to get there. They are consistently focusing on reinventing productivity and business processes, building an intelligent cloud platform and creating creative personal computing.
From humble beginnings, inside of Bill Gates’ dorm room at Harvard, Microsoft became one of the biggest corporate success stories America has had in their history. It only took 35years for it to become one of the largest companies in the world. It operates in more than 60 different countries, offers a wide range of services and products. However, there are a few products that gained popularity amongst Microsoft’s customer base. They are the following products:
Windows: Microsoft’s best product yet, Windows. Although, some may predict it to die out, the operation system is doing well. At the time of the article windows 7 came out and they were getting ready for the overhaul of windows 8. Today, the latest version of windows, Windows 10, and seems to be their most successful version yet. Its running on 300 million devices and on track with meeting its goal on 1 billion by July
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These companies include: Bixler, Italy who operates next generation telecommunications services based in IP networks, CMG (Computer Management Group) in London and does consulting, telecommunications and computing, Hutchison Global Communications Limited in Hong Kong they are also a private company that specializes in global communications and MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia, the company operates as a media and entertainment company and are mainly in Malaysia etc. While most foreign investors prefer to invest in dollar or euro denominated countries due risks associated with foreign currency, Microsoft has done an outstanding job allocating resources internationally making them this successful. In Chapter 7 of Mike Peng’s Global Business book there are strategies for financial companies to benefit from foreign exchange. For example: Strategic Hedging, this means companies can spread out their activities in different currency zones. This offset currency losses in certain areas through gains of other areas. Therefore, creating currency diversification. (Peng,
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