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• Microsoft perhaps could develop programs targeting uplifting society that is in need of basic human rights such as education, safety and environment protection. This benefits the society in long run to develop professionals to create more technological innovations.
• Microsoft could extend their current show room concept to customer and communities with a possible incorporation of a division for instance to take up Corporate Social Responsibility issues.
• Make any law enforcement request open and engage 3rd party NGO to make sure a rigorous review followed and privacy is respected. Microsoft has been a leader in generating standards, but it is necessary to collaborate with other big corporations to make a single standard that is viable and adopted by all parties to defect the social enemy.
With the new goals such as environmental sustainability, ethical, business
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Microsoft, by adding and doing what matters to customers and the environment, it has not only increased bottom line, but also extended its brand visibility. Value added is one of the best ways to develop a relationship with stakeholder and employees. Corporate Social Responsibility is the intangibles, social and structural capital that goes beyond corporate gain aspect of a corporation.
In addition to helping protect our environment, Microsoft leads in using optimal use of resources, aligning with its core corporate strategies. Microsoft leadership takes part in industry, environmental groups advocating the computer the industry move to a broader range of operating environments with less use chiller thereby saving large amounts of power and capital expense and increase profit . These visions, strategic plan and decisions, not only protect the environments, but achieve a profit for stakeholders
Global environmental
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