Medicine and the Industrial Revolution

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Medicine has always progressed with each new era. With medicine always progressing it’s beneficial to society due to all the positive feedback it offers. New diseases are always coming about and without the proper medicine and the proper technology; the human race will seize to exist. Throughout history medicine has always progressed and new discoveries were being made, the discoveries were of course linked to the new innovations of the time as well. For instance during the stone age, there was a lack of pollution in the land and streams so there was not a lot of bacteria being spread around for people to invent vaccines, which they then became known in the industrial revolution. When the industrial revolution occurred the way of life changed all throughout the western part of Europe, which also caused the way of the common people to change both in a good and bad way. But with the changes that occurred the medicine also progresses due to the problems which occurred due to the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution was the changing point of an old era to the beginning of a new era. When one thinks of the industrial revolution, they think of new technological advancements and new city growth, more industrial jobs, labor unions, women and young children working long hours to make just enough to make a living in the expensive city. But the factory jobs and societal changes are what people focus more on when the term “ industrial revolution “ comes to mind. New achievements were also reached in the advancement of medicine also due to all the technology and problems which occurred in the society. Before the industrial revolution people relied on agricultural jobs mainly. The majority of the people held jobs su... ... middle of paper ... ...When people then became aware of these different bacteria’s and the dangerous things they can do to the human population, the urge to learn more about them and how they help us out. Tuberculosis Throughout the industrial revolution, tuberculosis or as it is known for short “TB” was also a major killer for the population. Tuberculosis is an infectious disease which is caused by various types of micro bacteria. Tuberculosis affects ones lungs, but it doesn’t stop there, it can also spread to various parts of one’s body and causes tremendous damages. Due to the great number of lives the tuberculosis disease took during the industrial revolution, many of the people gave it a specific name, relatable to the black plague, only they called it “The white death” a metaphorical name for the disease. The poor sanitary jobs made tuberculosis very easy to attract.

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